At our Au pair Agency we believe that positive reinforcement in young children brings up young, confident and dynamic individuals allowing them to further develop in all aspects of life’s challenges.

If you are looking for some ideas and ways to encourage your children to do chores in a fun way and reward them for their good behaviours as well as try stop any bad behaviours. Star charts are the way to go 🙂 We have included some ideas of star charts for you.

At Au pairs & Beyond we believe that Star charts help motivate your child to do well. Challenges can be the following

  • Homework
  • Respecting teachers and peers at school
  • Cleaning up after themselves
  • Doing little age appropriate chores
  • Cleaning up their toys
  • Being nice to their siblings

By praising your child with every little thing they do this encourages them to want to repeat such behaviour.

According to some of the research we have done at our Au pair Company we thought this link would be of interest to our families looking for Au pairs

What stood out to us at Au Pairs and Beyond was that the visual aspect of a star chart helps children see how close they are to their reward and allows for them to learn they control their own behaviour and outcomes and they learn its their responsibility to achieve the end goal and to get to their ultimate reward.

Once your child has achieved their goal and filled their star chart, it is now time for their reward.

Rewards can be:

  • A treat of sort
  • A toy or gift they’ve been longing for and worked towards
  • An outing or activity they love doing
  • Just general promise of family time

Fun outings for children in Cape Town

  • Clay cafe – Hout Bay
  • Rush – Claremont
  • Scratch patch – Waterfront
  • Aquarium – Waterfront
  • Science centre – Observatory
  • Planetarium – Cape Town
  • The world of birds – Hout Bay
  • Acrobranch – Constantia
  • Putt Putt – Sea Point
  • Parks and picnic – Green point
  • Art jamming – Waterfront

The challenge most parents with au pairs are faced with is the follow through of the reward they have promised their children. It is imperative that should the parent take on the challenge of starting a reward star chart they stick to the most fundamental part of what their child has worked towards, which is ultimately the reward at the end.

Enjoy making your new star charts 🙂