The goal of Animal Assisted Therapy is to help children develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. There are many types of animals that are involved in Animal Assisted Therapy.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy is one of the options available that we would like to touch on, with different programs available around the world.

At our Au Pair agency this is something we have researched extensively and been involved in with many young special needs children around the world and the results with both the children and the special needs facilitators have been absolutely amazing. This is certainly something we at Au Pairs and Beyond would recommend for any special needs child and adult needing a form of therapy to help assist them in any way.

Dolphins have a soft temperament and have the ability to love and understand children and adults. They show unconditional amounts of love and the excitement and joy children get from being around these animals encourages them to be the best individual they can be.

We believe that this interaction will help with even the slightest of improvements, developmental skills and even just giving them some positivity in their lives.

From our personal experience at Au Pairs and Beyond, Dolphin Assisted Therapy brings about amazing results. I have personally experienced the amazing recovery of special needs children, adults and US veterans who have experienced Dolphin Assisted Therapy in Key Largo, Florida, at Island Dolphin Care, where I observed and took part in Dolphin Assisted Therapy with special needs children and adults. I have always been fascinated as to how amazing dolphins are and their connections to humans and for the first time I was able to witness this connection and see first hand how much one can improve in even the slightest of ways. To see the delight on ones face is an unforgettable, touching experience.

At Island Dolphin Care these programs involve classroom activities as well as a session in the water with a dolphin- The activities done both in the classroom and water include fine motor skills and gross motor skills which we will touch on in our next blog, as well as seeing the smiles and joy on ones face.

If you are interested in finding out further information about Island Dolphin Care and how children and adults with special needs can improve the challenges they are faced with. Please view this link below or feel free to contact Ashleigh at Au Pairs and Beyond and we will be happy to assist where we can.

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