A School Facilitator 

A school facilitator is someone who accompanies your child to school and provides daily support within the school environment.

At Au Pairs & Beyond we find school has become an overwhelming task for many children with various forms of educational or learning difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, developmental delays, Behavioral, emotional and / or mental problems. Due to the outside stresses and fast paced life of working parents in this day and age this becomes heightened, and we find children battle in the everyday school environment.

Children are therefore unable to concentrate, learn and focus in their classrooms. A facilitator accompanies your child in the classroom and guides them, teaching them focusing abilities, how to concentrate for a longer period of time, and enhances discipline abilities in order for them to participate and get involved in certain activities and tasks that they would normally steer away from as well as assist them with reading & writing if needed. Children that display limited social skills begin to play with other children as well as have that one on one attention to understand the work and tasks given to them.

In our experience at Au Pairs & Beyond, having been a school facilitator, for a young girl with Cerebral Palsy at Vista Nova school in Cape Town. The facilitator assists the child in the classroom and during his/her therapy sessions including Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Assisting the child in these sessions allows for the facilitator to understand what techniques are being used to help the child achieve certain goals to his/ her best abilities and with this the facilitator can apply these treatments in the classroom, helping the child each day and giving the necessary feedback to the parents and classroom teachers with regards to improvements and concerns. For the facilitator it is also an amazing, rewarding experience to be part of a child’s growth and development at school.

An Exam Facilitator

An exam facilitator is someone who assists your child in their exam. This will be in the form of a reader and/ or scribe or both in one, which is only granted to your child after seeing an Educational Psychologist for an educational assessment to understand what grade level your child is learning at. Once the Educational Psychologist has assessed the child and given their recommendations on the child’s requirements, the school is then notified and they are then tasked with contacting the educational department to get these specific requirements put in place.

The child will often be granted certain dispensations such as English spelling dispensations, various language dispensations and other numerical dispensations as well as extra reading time should the child need this. This then will help with their report cards and passing rates as the dispensations allow for certain aspects of their compulsory school passing requirements to be waived. Your child will benefit greatly during the exam periods from a scribe, reader and/ or extra time in order to help increase their pass marks.

Exam facilitators, may be needed for certain children. Some parents might wonder, why their child has so much anxiety building up towards and going into an exam, others might wonder why their child looks at their exam paper and everything goes blank and the child forgets everything even though they have studied so hard towards a specific paper as well as thinking they know their work. In this case a scribe and reader will be a very useful interaction.

A scribe writes down the answers that are dictated to him/her from the student. A scribe may be needed for exam purposes should the child not be able to write/spell at a relatively fast pace or have difficulty reading and producing clear text or diagrams for various reasons.

A reader reads the questions from the examination paper to the student. The reader may be needed for exam purposes as the child may know their work well, but when it comes to reading the question in an exam paper they are unable to understand the question or decipher the information processed in the brain, even though they know the answers and therefore a reader reading the question out loud may trigger the correct processing action in the brain which may be the best for them allowing them to focus on understanding the question more clearly.

Here at Au Pairs and Beyond, we are 100% focused on getting your child onto the best educational experience possible, with our experienced and well-versed school facilitators, who are all specialized to work with children of all ages. It doesn’t matter what level your child is currently at, or even their interest level, our school facilitators are able to work with them on a one-on-one basis to get them to exactly where they need to be in terms of higher-level learning and increased progression. Not only do our facilitators gently counsel and coach your child, but they provide access into furthering your child’s fine & gross motor skills at school, concentration abilities, comprehension skills, math expertise, spelling abilities, and most importantly, exam proficiency.

There is no doubt that when your child is assisted by the wonderful facilitators here at Au Pairs and Beyond, they will already be one step ahead of the game. Each of our well-versed facilitators have been extensively trained to recognize exactly what every child needs in regards to placing them on the roadmap to unparalleled success. At the end of the day, we know the children of the world are the keys to the future, which is why we have made it a point to emphasize the importance of providing high-quality educational practices via our incredible school facilitators.