Au Pairs & Beyond has the answers

Are you a Parent? Grandparent? Aunty/Uncle? or an Au Pair looking for fun outings to take children on during the winter school holidays in Cape Town, At Au Pairs & Beyond we have some fun ideas for you.

There are many indoor child friendly places in Cape Town to go to, here are a few of Au Pairs & Beyonds favourite choices. These places cater for a variety of different characteristics in children, you have outdoor, indoor, creative, physical and academic places.


Rush & Jump around

Rush and Jump around are both “Indoor extreme Trampoline Parks.” Rush is located in Claremont and Jump Around is located in Paarden Eisland. If your child/children enjoys being active and running around this is the place for them. They have foam pits, trampolines, dodge ball etc. A full hour spent having extreme fun and most important lots of smiles. You can also join your child/children on the trampolines. Something to remember before arriving, you will need to sign a waiver before going in (which can be done online and this will then save you time upon arrival) as well as if you want to take your toddler to the park, have a look at the scheduled times that are focused on the younger children.

This is great fun for your kids.


Be Up

Our Team at Au Pairs & Beyond have witnessed the amazing, fun activities that Be Up has to offer – It’s a blast! This is a fun place with a variety of indoor activities including your Trampolines, Wall climbing as well as a Kids Maize and a section they call the Altigame, which is similar to an obstacle coarse. Be Up is located in Pinelands, make sure to sign the online wavier before arrival as well as check in with the age limit as they do state the minimum age is 3 years old.


World of birds

There are days in winter that are sunny and beautiful, in this case if you want your children to be outdoors why not visit the world of Birds. This is based in Hout Bay on Valley Road. You will walk through the beautiful tropical garden and view over 3000 birds, See all different types of mammals, such a guinea pigs, squirrels, monkeys, raccoons and many more. Join the monkeys in the monkey jungle where you get to feed and interact with the monkeys as they sit on your shoulder. You will See all different reptiles such as tortoises and Green Iguana. This is also a perfect location to enjoy a lunch with your family at their Cafe surrounded by Birds, There is also a children playground for when you are having lunch for your children to have some fun.


Clay Cafe 

At Au Pairs & Beyond We love a little creativity! This is a great option for a sunny or rainy day as you are able to sit outside in the fresh air, soak up the sun or alternatively sit inside and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee & lunch whilst your children create and paint.

They also have an outdoor play area. It is the perfect location for children to have fun, making clay objects and painting their favourite characters/ objects. We have seen first hand through our years of going to the Clay Cafe how enjoyable this place is for children.


Two Oceans Aquarium

Another great option on a rainy day if you are a sea animal lover, then we recommend you explore all of the different sea creature exhibits that the Aquarium at the waterfront has to offer. The diverse sea animals that they have are incredible and will keep your kids engaged for ages. Many of our Au Pairs have taken the children they look after to the Aquarium as well as our team have witnessed the amazing sea life at the aquarium. You are also able to go into the penguin enclosure, and see the penguins. Your children will also be educated as they will have the opportunity to learn about the sea environment and how to protect it as well as have the opportunity to play in the fun play area for children.


The Science Centre

Kids love the Science centre, they are able to explore, discover and learn new and exciting things. Are your children interested in science and creating experiments – the Science centre is the place to visit -It is located in Observatory. There is also a cafe where you can wait for the children whilst they are having fun or alternatively you can join in on the fun with the children 🙂

They also offer holiday programmes for children.


These are only a number of the amazing places kids can visit, there are many more fun places in Cape Town including Bowling, Scratch patch, Putt Putt, Acrobranch, the rugby museum, 23 Jump street trampoline park, Art Jamming, Picnic in the parks (of coarse only if we get a sunny day during this winter), Black and Brew off valley road, Ice skating, game arcades and Butterfly world.