What is the role of an Au Pair

Are you wondering what it takes to be an Au Pair

                                        and what being an Au Pair entails……

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What is an Au Pair?

  • An Au Pair is someone with a kind, loving heart who has a love for working with and assisting in a child’s individual physical, emotional and/or Intellectual developments. As well as someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and punctual.
  • An Au Pair is someone who assists a family primarily with childcare.
  • An Au Pair is often seen as an extended family member and plays a “big sister” or “big brother” role to the child, therefore becoming part of the family.


There are three main divisions of an Au Pair that a family will look for. 

  • A professional Au Pair – These candidates have a degree in Childcare/ Psychology as well as child-related experience.
  • A traditional Au Pair – These candidates have general child care experience and the love and passion for working with children.
  • A short term Au Pair – These candidates focus on short term positions and have child related experience.


Do I have what it takes to be an Au Pair?

It is important to remember that there is no age limit to becoming an Au Pair. As long as you have the heart, energy, reliability and love for children then this is the avenue for you. Deciding  if you want to work with infants, toddlers, young children or teenagers will also help your process in choosing the right family for you as everyone has a different connection with different age groups.

There are many people looking for an Au Pair position, Are you;


  • The student


If you are a student, just out of school with a passion for children and looking to do something part-time, Au Pairing is an ideal way to study and assist a family half-day, gaining wonderful and rewarding experience with children.


  • The degree decider


Are you looking to go into the field of childcare and studying to be a teacher, Education consultant, special needs educator, youth worker, teacher assistant, etc, Au Pairing is a great way to gain more experience around children of various ages and explore, which field suits you best.


  • The change from the Corporate world


If you are looking to leave the corporate world and explore your inner child, Au Pairing is a great field to go into. Gaining a balance between work and life with less stress and more fun.


  • The long term goal


If you are looking to Au Pair long term as your career and creating a long-lasting connection and personal growth with a family. This is a great option as some families like to create a long-lasting bond with their Au Pair.

  • The short term goal

If you are a student or currently in the corporate world looking for something to keep you active during the varsity holidays, during leave and on evenings, Au Pairing on a short term basis is the perfect way to keep yourself occupied whilst doing something that you are passionate about, gaining experience and giving you a feel-good feeling of assisting a family in need.

What are the expected and regular responsibilities of an Au Pair?

There are a few main routines that an Au Pair will be asked to assist with.


  • The morning routine


Assisting a family with their morning routine, includes waking the child/ren for school, dressing, and brushing teeth. This also includes giving the child/ren breakfast, preparing lunch for school and transporting to school.

Tip** Before the Au Pair has left the family home in the evening, confirm that the child/ren’s school clothes are ready in the bedroom, the school bag is packed and ready at the front door and the breakfast cereal is on the table to ensure the morning routine runs smoothly without any hiccups. Also make sure there is lunch easily ready to prepare or packed for school.


  • The afternoon routine


Assisting a family with their afternoon routine, includes collecting the child/ren from school or daycare and transporting the child/ren to any extramural activities after school, this includes but is not limited to extra swimming, tennis, hockey, soccer, rugby, art, athletics, chess, dance, etc. Some extra murals are done at the school premises and others are done outside of the school grounds, this could be at a club or another school. The Au Pair would then transport the child/ren and wait at the extramural for the child to finish.

Tip ** Show that you are interested in the child/ren’s extramural activities, support and watch the extramural, engage once they are finished, and let them know what a good job they did and the improvements you notice as time goes by.


  • Transporting the child/ren


Once the Au Pair has safely transported the child/ren to their family home, the Au Pair would provide a healthy and balanced snack and lunch. This would either be a simple meal cooked by the Au Pair or an already made meal.

Tip** Take a snack with you when you collect the child/ren. This gives them the option to eat before an extramural begins or to eat during the car ride home, this assists with some much-needed energy after the school day.


  • Homework


Assist with any incomplete homework, reading, exam preparation, and projects.

Tip** Maintain a scheduled routine, which includes the area homework is done in, the time and rules during homework time. This will create an easy and smooth process during the homework period. Should the Au Pair be assisting more than one child with homework, it is important to create a space for each child, separate from each other. If it is an option, the Au Pair could also do homework with the one-child whilst being at an extramural with another to save some time and make the home routine run smoother.


  • Playtime


Have fun with the child/ren between homework completion and the start of the evening routine. This is also a time to take the child/ren outside and engage with them, get some energy out, and get down to their levels. During this time the Au Pair can also have fun carpet time with the child/ren if the weather is not warm enough to be outside.

Tip** The best way to get out some energy is by riding bicycles, swimming, building a fort, going for a walk, and playing games in the garden. This list of fun activities is limitless! Always remember to tidy up after the child/ren and yourself before starting the evening routine. It is always a good idea to get the child/ren involved in the tidying up process and doing it together.


  • The evening routine


Assisting the family with the evening routine, includes ensuring that the child/ren’s bag and all extramural clothes and sports gear are packed for the next day. Preparing supper, this can sometimes include cooking meals for the entire family, washing, dressing, feeding, and putting the child/ren to bed with a story.

Tip** Always strive to be the best Au Pair you can be! Always go the extra mile to assist your family. Offer to create a food menu for the child/ren each week, pack their lunch boxes so they are ready daily in the fridge for the next day, create an extra mural and homework schedule for the child/ren per week and stick one on the family fridge and keep one in your vehicle.

Always remember to take the initiative!

Other roles & responsibilities a family may ask the Au Pair to assist with, includes but are not limited to;

  • Meal preparation
  • House management
  • Grocery shopping
  • Running errands
  • Administration assistance
  • Tutoring


These will always be discussed by both the Au Pair and Family in advance, should any of this extra assistance be needed.

Should you have any further questions or uncertainties of becoming an Au Pair and what is expected of you, contact us on info@aupairsandbeyond.com and we will gladly assist you. For us, It’s all about family.