Ideas to keep your children busy, active and entertained during lock down

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to keep your children busy, active and entertained, especially during lockdown? Au Pairs & Beyond have some ideas for you;


Do your children love baking? Now could be a good time to teach them a few baking skills and they can learn how to make delicious goodies such as,

  • Rice crispy treats,
  • Brownies,
  • Cupcakes with all sorts of decorations,
  • Scones,
  • Pancakes,
  • Meringues,
  • Peanut butter cups,
  • Ice lolly’s


We have found some lovely, simple recipes available on Pinterest, have a look on our Pinterest board ( and hopefully this gives you some awesome inspiration.

Scavenger Hunts

This can take place both indoors and outdoors.

You create clues in the form of a riddle/rhyme, or just a normal clue where your child will then be directed from one clue to the next until they reach the final prize.

For a scavenger hunt to take place, you need to plan your route and find the best locations for each clue.

Write and number the clues and place them at each destination.

Add in a few random rewards to keep things exciting and fun.

Should you do a theme – you can have the children dress up for this, for example as pirates. You could also have someone dressed up waiting with the treasure, for example as a pirate if this is the theme. Where s/he could be pretending to sleep and holding the treasure and the children need to try remove this from her/his arms.

Hand over the first clue to the children and let the hunt begin.

Tea Party

Everybody loves a tea party, this can take place indoors in your child’s room or outdoors in the garden. Your child can build and decorate an area to make it all pretty and ready to have you over to join for tea. They can prepare some basic tea (with your assistance) and food – this could also be imaginary tea and food. This can be a casual tea or those invited within the household dress up for the occasion.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for further ideas (

Spa day at home

Allow your children to get creative with a spa day.

Get them to write down a menu for treatments along with costs etc.

They can set up multiple stations, for example manicure/pedicure, massage, make-up etc.

Build a Fairy Garden and/or Create a Vegetable Garden

Gather a few gems, rocks, or little toys and create a magical fairy garden either outside or inside. This can be done in a flat round shaped pot. Use some soil and moss and add a few small flowers/mini trees. Build a house out of Arts & Crafts tools.

Decorate the house with pathways, gardens, flowers, ponds, let your imagination run wild.

You could also use an empty shoe box and create your fairy garden in there.

Vegetable gardens allow for your kids to plant, grow and then nurture their plants or veggies.

Board games

Why not let your children build their own board games and play amongst those in the home.

Build a fort

Children love building forts – this could be done using boxes, blankets, the couch or their beds.

Once these are built they are a fun place to play board games or create a sleepover in. Camping in the lounge is always a fun night in!

Movie night

Have a family movie night, games, popcorn and the whole family together.

Make a scrap book

If your children love photos and being creative, scrap books are the best way to use their imaginations and get creative. They can create one of the family, animals, friends or favourite things.

You will need photos the children can use, paper, scissors, glue and embellishments. They could come up with a theme and get started from here.

Or let some learning commence and create a family tree.

Do your children enjoy to read and draw?

They can create their own story/comic books and draw images with each page.

Art activities

Are your children Arty? Why not get them involved in arts and crafts.

Here are a few tips of some art activities to do;

  • Shadow art,
  • Painting,
  • Drawing,
  • T-shirt/hat painting,
  • Print images off google and colour in,
  • Play dough,
  • Hand painting,
  • Design puppets and create a puppet show,
  • Design a family tree and decorate it.


Other fun activities include;

Puzzles, Hide and seek, marbles, hangman, tic tac toe, Lego, Play the floor is lava- getting around the room without touching the floor, Create a race track for your kid’s to play with their cars on, make slime.

Let your inner child loose and have as much fun with the activities as your child will!