Rates and

Rates for Care Givers vary depending on their experience, qualifications and expected duties.

Care Giver

Hourly Rate

Au Pair

R65 - R95

Special Needs Au Pair

R65 - R95

Facilitator (Scribe and Reader)

R85- R150


R120 – R250


R60 – R95

Night Nurse

R300 – R800 per night

Additional Rates

Overnight stay:
Should an Au Pair sleepover, an additional rate of R150 – R200 per night should be charged over and above their standard hourly rate. (This rate is only charged while children are asleep. When children wake up, the standard hourly rate resumes).

Over time:
Any time worked over 45 hours in the week should be paid at over-time rates.
Over-time work is voluntary, and may only be worked if there is an agreement between employee and employer. Remuneration will therefore be 1.5 times the normal wage rate per hour.
Sundays/Public holidays: If your Care Giver works on Sundays or public holidays, you will pay twice the normal hourly wage.

Petrol costs:
See AA petrol rates link below for your petrol cost per km or come to a petrol allowance agreement with the Family. https://aa.co.za/vehicle-rates-calculator/

On average the petrol rate is between R2.50 – R4.00 per km.
This is charged when the Families children are driven to and from places as well as for any errands done for the Family. Au Pairs don’t charge for travel to and from work.

Additional Salary Information

Full time Employment salaries are either paid weekly or monthly, this is to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.
Babysitters should be paid at the end of the day/evening or if agreed upon via EFT at an agreed upon time.

Tutors can work on a daily, weekly or monthly payment, depending how often the Tutor is needed.
This is to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

Should a live-in Care Giver be hired, there should be an agreement of set hours worked allowing the Care Giver to have free time. Hourly rates may vary slightly according to length of hours worked.

Families and Care Givers want to find the perfect match and therefore when it comes to rates and salaries be open, honest and come to a fair agreement.